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Last updated 12/31/13

Check out this History of the Mobile Riverine Force

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First Benewah Crew 1946

Check out this Commendation

See the ship's log entries regarding:


See this Re-commissioning article from 1/29/1967


Read the newsletter below.  Warning it's 3.3 meg and may take awhile to load:

Benewah Bulletin 1967

 Also, check out this pdf file of an article entitled "Goodbye Dong Tam" 

  Helo Crash on the Benewah  

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How to file a VA Claim

Check out Ralph Christopher's New Book  about the Mobile Riverine Force

Check out these recipes that will feed 100

Check out the Benewah Menu to see what we're eating during the week of 17 JUL 1967

Check out the Plan of the Day for 15 June 1967 

A Sailor's Prayer  

Reunions and Pictures of Past Events

2013 MRFA Reunion


Benewah Photos

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Check out Paul Ferguson's photos and the 14,000th Helo Landing page  

Check Don Blankenship's Rivervet web site for one of the best Mobile Riverine Force photo collections  from officer Larry Irwin (be sure to click your back button to return to this web site)


After an impressive record of service in the United States Navy, the ship was transferred to the Phillipine Navy.  See a short historical account with pictures on this page.

Benewah Hat Pin:

See this history of the Republic of Vietnam Navy

The Benewah served briefly as a Hospital Ship in the Phillipines after Vietnam.  See this history page.

All good things must come to an end and the Benewah ended up as a coral reef off the Philippines coast.  This photo was taken just prior to that final disposition.

Bob Shirley has posted an interesting history of the arrival of the first Swift Boats in Vietnam.  Also check out the account of the sinking of the first Swift boat in Vietnam.  Use your browser's back button to return to this site.

The Merchant Marines contribution to the war effort is often overlooked.  Check this interesting web page.

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